Reduce Your
Cost of Ownership

Choose to think beyond the initial investment when purchasing your furniture. Consider the long-term and short-term benefits.


Compare the cost of buying our furniture versus the leading competitor.

Initial Cost

Exceed the expectation of your guests while lowering the cost to maintain quality. By simply looking beyond the initial investment.

Cost of Ownership

Save your brand money by replacing what’s necessary. Upgrading your guest experience without buying all-new furniture.


Easily install and maintain your furniture without special tools. Minimizing your downtime for “out of service” rooms.


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The remarkable thing about our furniture is its ability to adapt. That means there’s no need to worry about specs. We’ll work together to fit your needs!

::The Foundation::


Join the thousands of customers choosing recoverable furniture. We’ve got your specs covered—the “Foundation Collection” provides you with adaptable styles you need.


Green by Nature

Our furniture isn’t the only thing eco-friendly. Because it’s our responsibility to preserve the world we live in.Our factory continues to make strides operating in an environmentally responsible manner.  Together we can end the 5-7 year cycle of replacing furniture.


Patent Protected Engineered Plywood

The chipboards used in all of our products are made of 100% recycled material.

Our wood scraps are downcycled into mulch and other usable products. Talk about maximum usability.


Anti-Microbial Laminated Moisture Barrier

All the foam used to create our furniture is downcycled and made into rebonded carpet padding.


Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

The cardboard packaging materials we use is constructed with partially recycled materials.

We love to minimize waste, so when we ship, we blanket-wrap our furniture.

Environmental Benefits

Our eco-friendly furniture greatly reduces the amount of foam, chemicals, and trees used through recoverability. Eliminating unnecessary spending on gas and energy to create new products.

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