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Tired of replacing your furniture every 5 years or so? With Transformations Hospitality furniture, only replace the part that is worn or damaged. Extend the life of your furniture!


Refresh & Save $$$$

Because of our furniture’s ability to be ReFreshed, every Transformations Hospitality product you purchase is not only guaranteed to last from PIP to PIP, but also through your next 2 Refresh Cycles. Buy one product, put it through it’s paces, and then benefit through 2 more refreshes, with clean fabrics, a clean look, and a clean guest experience!

Refresh Your Furniture and Save Money With Transformations

BENEFIT: Reduce the Cost of Each Refresh by 2/3!

Reduced Ecological Footprint

Because of Transformations’ ability to reFresh, you will encounter 2/3 less waste than every other product. Transformations also redeems manufacturing waste by down-cycling wood, foam and fabric waste into additional products.

Transformations Furniture has a Dramatically Reduced Ecological Footprint. It's easy on the environment!

BENEFIT: Less landfill space. Less waste cost.


Easy To Keep Fresh

Due to the ability to reFresh , you will be able to quickly clean soiled fabrics, fix damaged furniture and get your rooms back to Opening Day status! Each guest will experience the joy of brand new furniture, day after day, year after year.

Transformations Furniture is Easy To Keep Clean!

BENEFIT: No guest frustration with icky furniture.

Custom-Built To Meet Your Spec

All products are custom-built for you, and designed to meet your spec. This includes arm shapes, seat depths, cushion thickness; pretty-much everything. And Fabrics? Your design team can pick from thousands of beautiful patterns and colors, for the current project and what will be needed for the next Refresh, and the Refresh after that.

Transformations Furniture is Custom Designed Around Your Spec!

BENEFIT: Your design palette is unlimited, colorful & exciting.

Designed & Built In The USA

All Transformations products are made in the USA. Since they are designed to enable fabric changes, all frame parts are precisely engineered to be replicated and replaced.

Transformations Furniture is Designed & Built in the USA!

BENEFIT: Lead-times are low, and quality is consistent and reliable.


What Our Clients Are Saying...

“This is a revolutionary product for the hospitality environment. In this industry, our shelf life for each room expires in 24 hours. We need to be able to rent a room—and if we have a damaged sofa or lounge chair, we need something that we can quickly repair or replace. This product allows me the flexibility to replace a damaged arm or cushion quickly, economically and efficiently. It minimizes our downtimes. Investing in Transformations is simply smart business.”

— Phil Milbourne, Coastal Hospitality Associates


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The days of unnecessary furniture replacement are over. Now, you can keep your furniture looking better—longer! Forget about frequent trips to the landfill.



Our furniture literally changes everything­—the fabric, foam, and the frame! It adapts to meet the changing needs of your guest and your property.


Our ReFresh process gives you the ability to change the damaged or worn parts of your furniture, including the fabric, saving you the trouble of buying new furniture every time.  |  Watch The Video

Our moisture barrier blocks moisture from staining the foam.
This barrier also helps make things a little easier when putting
on new covers.  |  Watch The Video

Our furniture features Qualux Ultra Foam known for its durability and comfort. This helps to keep your furniture looking its best, while preserving your guest’s experience—each time they are seated. |  Watch The Video

We believe in the quality furniture we design. You can do the same with our industry leading 15-Year Warranty. Know that you’ve invested your time and money wisely.  |  View Our Warranty (pdf)

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